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Welcome!  This is but the first hour of our trials here.  Excuse me one moment I hear whimpering coming from downstairs.  The drugs must of warn off already...  Excuse me, I'll be but a moment.


*Heavy foot falls going down stairs can be heard.  A door opens.  A loud scream and then a smash is heard in the background.  You can hear the footsteps coming back up the stairs with a little sprint*


Sorry about that.  Ok...where was I?  Yes.  So I am starting this little show of horrors.  Soon Monster will have her own youtube channel up and running and she needs to set up house somewhere.  What better place but here.


Motions to a large empty and drafty room, the wallpaper is crumbling from the walls and a vibrant green gue seems to be oozing down from the corners.  The only light source being a dimly lit fire coming from a large steel drum container in the middle of the room*


Yes she’s not much, I must admit, but she has good bones.  It might take a little gutting (theatrically winks in the readers direction) but we'll have this house spruced up in no time at all.  NO TIME AT ALL!  *Screaming this to the floor below, she stomps her foot down on the wooden floor boards a few times.  Frantic muffled moans can be heard coming from below.*

There is something very special you should know about this house.  Within its wooden ribs lies a great heart.  This heart is a doorway, through that doorway lays some hidden treasures.  To be frank this house is a portal.  No not just a portal but a whole universe of portals.   I know you can’t see it now good reader… but soon all of you will see.  I will open the doors to you one by one…. Because in the end it is you I’m after.  With each opening of a door the closer I come to you dear reader.  The closer I come to you… the more likely we can save this world.

I must warn you that if you are a fragile and gentle flower that coming through these doors will change you.  Once you open one door you will want to open the next.  Because that is how it works here.  With each door your innocence will warp to something else… twisting and grinding you will wither with each passing entry.  Oh yes… But you will love every second.  For through these passages lie the keys to your own survival and the survival of all that you hold dear.  Plus going through each door is kinda like a mini orgasm.  Seriously you might want to pack a couple spare undies before we start here. 

Its ok I’ll wait.  You will also need to grab a few other things

*it hands you a small bit of paper with a list that is mostly made up of body parts*

1.  Tooth of a new born babe (SIDE NOTE: This is actually rare but it happens, my partner’s mother was born with teeth and ripped the shit out of his grandmother’s tits on the daily.  That being said good luck with this one.  Took me a couple months and couple tries to find this item.)

2. The neck bone of a pigeon

3. Blood of your enemy

4. Toenail clippings from your mother and father. (Preferably post mortem.)


Ok off with you.  *makes a shooing away gesture*

Yep get the f*ck out of my house and don’t come back until you have collected everything on the list.


_--_--_--_--_A door is being opened_-_-_-_-__-LETS SKIP AHEAD THREE MONTHS_-_-_-____---__--_-

                                          *******HUGE BOOMING MACHANICAL SOUNDS*****

_--_Click----Click-Clank---Crackling sounds---a hissing of steam and wind can be heard.-_--_- your ears start to pop.  Your stomach starts churning.   The floor starts to give way beneath you and a terrible sense of vertigo takes over. Reality starts to phase in and out.  Your vision is blurred.  Your eyes making what can only be described as the distortions an old VHS tape makes when someone hits the fast forward button.  Suddenly a sensation crawls up your spine.  At first you feel icy prickles tingle all your innards and then that cold rush turns into a warm bath of the most orgasmic of sensations.  Your brain lights up with emotions of the most euphoric kind.  A wave of information hits you right in the frontal cortex and for but a glimmer of a second you are connected to a mass stream of consciousness.  This consciousness so alluring, so understanding, so accepting of you, you are in love.

Just as you are about to embrace your one true and only love… it feels like a sledge hammer slams into your chest.  Your eyes suddenly open.  You are breathing quite heavily.  You are completely disoriented.  You stand in the dark for what seems forever.  The visions replaced with a cold unfriendly reality before you.  Pain rips through your back and you slouch over, one knee hitting the cold wooden floor.  You clasp your chest and start to sob, insanity trickling in at the corners of your mind.  “What is happening?  What just happened?  Where is this?” your mind starts to spiral in the musty dark place.

You hear a familiar foot step walking down stairs.  The light from a flashlight momentarily blinds you.  You put up your hands and hide your eyes from the light.

“Here kitty-kitty.  *kissy kissy sounds as if to entice a house cat* Here kitty-kitty.”  The light spots you.

“Oh f*ck there you are! I am so so soooo sorry mate!  I thought you would rematerialize in the third story hallway.  I had a nice little “Welcome back!” set up for you up there.”  You feel a hand pat your back and a strong arm clasp around your waste while you are brought to your feet.   “I am still figuring out this old beast’s quirks you know?  Haven’t quite worked out all her secrets yet… you know?” the person starts directing you out of the dank room.  You shakily hobble forward.

“But I brought the hot chocolate just encase I found you while you still had time to drink it.” A voice says from the dark.

You feel a small thermos be thrust into your hands.  You can’t make the figure out, Your eyes are adjusting to the light.  You are annoyed by the light in a way.  The thermos feels warm in your hands.  The lid is off and sweet smelling steam releases before you.  You cannot help but gulp down the contents greedily.  A craving for sweet things momentarily makes you forget the present moment.  The hot chocolate drips down your throat like a warm blanket.  Something in its contents is foreign to you.  You realize something is off about the hot chocolate and you pause to look down into the cup.

“Oh… yeah. Bout that.  Hope your good with edibles friend.  Cause I thought it would take the edge off.  Things are about to get pretty f*cked up for you after all.”  The voice says.  You look up at the shadowy figure, a dismayed and stupefied look on your face.  Suddenly you are thrust downwards into a chair.  The chair is in the middle of a large foyer facing the front door.  The front door to a large house. Your eyes scan the dark and it seems like an abandoned heritage house to you.  Before you can have another thought you focus on a figure approaching the building.  There is a narrow and brocken window running along the side of the front door, through it you see a person.  The person has spotted you as well through the window.  They are just on the other side of the door now.  They pause there a moment… looking at you sitting in the foyer.  Your stomach starts to churn and a anxiety overcomes you that verges on dread but you don’t know quite why.  The door slowly creeks open and the room fills up with moonlight. 

à>>You<<<< are standing at the entrance, silhouetted against the twilight.  You drop the thermos and the remaining contents splatters out and trail towards your doppelganger.  Something is off about this double.  They are caked in dried blood, they look down at you, mouth a gap.  You shift in the chair about to say something to…. yourself. 


The sound of the gun knocks you off your chair in a start.  You get to all fours and look towards what is now your crumpled body on the ground.  Blood and brain sprayed across the door and walls, drippind down the brocken glass of the window.  You look towards the shooter with a silent scream frozen on your face.

“Sorry we just needed the supplies and I had no patients to wait.”  The ugly looking creature confidently moves towards your lifeless body.  You all the while are surveying the scene in stunned disbelief.  From the corps the humanoid creature playfully pulls a small pouch and looks inside. 



Tooth of a new born babe CHECK!..took you long enough too.  Neck bone of a pigeon CHECK! Toenail clippings from your mother and father CHECK.  Oh post mortem too! Nice aren’t you a bad ass…. UM where is the blood of your enemy mate>? 

Stoops down to collect some blood from your corps.

Ok well I don’t have enough time to go hunt down every bully you had in highschool.  So I am just gonna take a shot in the dark here.  I bet you are one of those self-loathing types.  You know… your own worst enemy kind of person.  Your blood will just have to do… and if it doesn’t.  Well….It’s been fun I guess.  If this doesn’t work there is a good chance your insides will implode upon your first official entry.  Oh you thought this was one of the doors I was talking about…. Well sorta.  Doesn’t really count since we are still in your original dimension of time and space.  You will need a little more to the ritual to transcend this plain of existence.

So pay attention.  Don’t get distracted by any of the stupid doors.  Like the door that leads to Pony Fan art…. Or that f*cken Pewdiepie fan art door… DISGUSTING.  Stay focused.  I know you will be tempted to look inside those portal realms but… trust me you don’t need to go there to finish the tasks I am about to lay out for you.

*You faint before I can finish my thought*


Dammit… I was just getting into possibly the best time (and worst time) of your life and you faint like a God damn pussy.

I’ll wake you back up in a bit and we can really get into this.
*Grabs both lifeless bodies by the ankles and starts dragging them towards the basement door.*

Monster OUT.

You should of grabbed those undies- like I said.  Look at you now... God that's gonna smell in a few days.... you'll wish for clean undies then.  Oh yes you will.


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